Message From the Bridge of the LOVE BOAT
Captain Gary and First Lady Maria.

May 2017   ......  


Sometimes in the hustle day it’s easy to become overwhelmed with yet one more thing to do, one more event to attend, one more meeting to schedule. That’s why it’s important to “press pause” and remember why we do what we do as Kiwanians.

Wish Farms teamed with the Brandon Kiwanis’ Project Smile effort to provide blueberries for Gibsonton Elementary students. Mike Daigle founded the program after a talk with his wife. We do what we do, because kids need us. They need us to help them reach their full potential and to thrive, knowing they are safe, happy, healthy and loved.

So when life gets hectic, take a moment and think about a child you’ve helped, or a child who benefited from a club event or fundraiser. Without your handprint in that child’s life, where would that child be? You have much to be grateful for--family, friends, and Kiwanis club members--but does that child have everything he or she needs to live a healthy, prosperous life?

The LOVE Boat has hit some rough seas this year, but the LOVE Boat crew kept us straight . Great news our membership growth is far ahead and we have the opportunity to have a positive growth for the first time in 11 years. Please continue with the Just 1 Under 10, its working.

Our final cruise port has changed, we will be docking at the Naples Grand Resort and Spa instead of the Marco Marriott. The Marriott had some construction issues. Like on all cruises a better port was found. Please if you have not registered do so. Click here to go to the convention page for details on the hotel and how you can register for the convention.


Image may contain: foodMaria's Hats A Yard project has been so wonderful. So far 1,387 yards of hats have been donated to hospitals around the state. Now that's a lot of angels smiling. We think we will break the 2000 yards mark.

Thank you for being such a constant bright spot in the Florida District. You have all left so many incredible handprints on so many children with your loving and caring spirits. Your dedication to our kids and communities truly makes a difference.


Shine a Light, Make some Noise and hug those close to you. Also a big OH YA!!!

Love Gary and Maria